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Dana teaches hatha vinyasa, linking the breath with flowing movements and static poses that build strength and flexibility. Classes are physically challenging and alignment-focused while encouraging self-observation and relaxation with guided meditation and breath work.

In her restorative yoga classes, she uses slow movements and long holds in prop-supported poses to enable the body to open with ease and encourage relaxation.

She teaches various meditation techniques that teach how to calm down, tune in and deepen awareness.

Our body communicates constantly, telling us what it needs – we just need to learn to listen.

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Tu: Restorative Yoga from 7:45-8:30p CDT

Class is through Zoom.

Single Zoom Yoga or Meditation Classes:
$7 for 30 minutes
$10 for 45 minutes
$13 for 60 minutes

Private Zoom Yoga/Meditation:
$25 for 15 minutes
$50 for 30 minutes
$75 for 45 minutes
$100 for 60 minutes

Semi-Private Group Zoom Yoga/Meditation available. Message me via the contact form for info about Zoom, payments, and group or corporate classes.

*Payment accepted via Venmo, Paypal and Zelle. Please contact me for more information.